Magnesium Chloride Oil 200ml


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Spraying/rubbing magnesium chloride oil full strength directly on the skin is the most efficient and economical application, and also offers the most benefits to the user. In the beginning, avoid the face and sensitive areas and dilute the oil 50/50 with water for the first few days until your body becomes adjusted to this higher magnesium level.

After your shower give yourself a very liberal coating of the magnesium oil You can then choose to leave it on or after 30 minutes (when the magnesium has been absorbed) if you find the residue a little beachy on the skin, you can rinse with water or wipe it off with a moist washcloth.

Under arm

Substitutes for deodorant with continued use as magnesium chloride deodorises the entire body.

Foot Soak

Adding magnesium oil or flakes to a warm foot soak is beneficial for assisting detox. Use just enough water to cover the toes – about 50ml of oil or 80mg flakes is a good start. Keep the mix, re-heat and use for up to 2 – 3 applications adding 1 tablespoon of oil or flakes each time

Relaxation Bath

Adding 150ml oil or 250mg flakes to a hot bath is a luxury we all deserve. Just add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil and enjoy.

But It Tingles!

The ‘tingle’ factor only applies to direct body spraying, and yes, we know for some it can be a tad uncomfortable for a few minutes for the first few times you use it. And, like all things, it is something your body will become accustomed to and it will disappear in a few days as your magnesium level rises. Of course, it really depends on how sensitive your skin is. If you know that you have sensitive skin, test spray on a small section of skin first. If the tingle is more a lasting sting (more than 5 mins) you may need to dilute 50/50 with water when spraying/massaging onto your body. Any initial tingling ceases when magnesium levels rise, even when applied neat.

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Marney Murray
Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture I see a lot of patients with long term tension in muscles that eventually affect correct posture and healthy muscle function causing pain. The most common cause being excess calcium in the muscle causing contraction and deficient magnesium required to release the muscle. Without correct supplementation treatments can only be a temporary fix. I recommend to my patients to use undiluted transdermal Magnesium Chloride spray from Magnesium LIfe to maintain muscle health and alleviate pain.
Marney Murray AdvDip TCM
Tom Barret
As a holistic health practitioner I recommend that people get their nutrition right before even thinking of supplements, as most have more marketing qualities than actual benefits to our bodies. There are some specific conditions though for which I recommend people who are low in magnesium undergo a magnesium replenishment protocol. This makes use of daily magnesium chloride salt baths and the topical use of transdermal magnesium. In these cases where i recommend a supplement I will still only recommend using the most organic and purest forms, and as far as magnesium goes the best I have found is MagnesiumLife as it comes from a very clean source and is also the only one I have found that is not watered down, something that is evident when you pick up a bottle and feel the density of it. For the everyday person who does not have access to a practitioner who can prescribe these measures, using MagnesiumLife spray at home is in my opinion the best you can do from a supplement/product perspective.
Tom Barret Personal Trainer Health Researcher
Dr John Sotis BDSc
As a holistic dentist I understand the importance of not only good quality supplements, but also the bioavailability of those supplements. When it comes to Magnesium supplementation, I recommend taking magnesium transdermally. Our skin is our largest organ and applying magnesium on our skin is in my opinion a more effective way of absorbing this vitally important mineral. I recommend MagnesiumLife magnesium supplements to all of my patients.
Dr John Sotis BDSc Totally Teeth



I took magnesium spray away with me on holiday and for as many days as I could I sprayed myself with it... I really felt it helped me to stay balanced and vital. My body loved it!
Fiona Bond Exercise Physiologist
I purchased a bottle of magnesium chloride oil from the local Motueka Markets, 6 or 7 weeks agao (28/11/2010) after talking to the lovely lady selling it. I broke my shoulder a year ago and still have restricted movements and varying levels of pain so this was one of the reasons for buying the oil. I had great results, although when I first started I had to be careful where I sprayed it as I do have sensitve skin but now can pretty much spray most places. My shoulder feels heaps better and if I have pain I spray some on and the pain subsides, it's amazing. I have recurrent bladder infections and tummy problems, since with the oil I haven't had an infection or tummy pain, if I feel the tell-tale discomfort and it disappears. I am doing quite a bit of bike riding and had been getting a lot of cramp in my calmes but spray the oil on my calmes before bed and NO cramp. My knees also have had a bit of pain but that too cleared up. I personally recommend it. Thank you magnesium chloride...
Chrissy Nelson, New Zealand
I had a car accident over ten years ago and have never been able to fully turn my neck since. I started using the Magnesium Oil on my neck and after only a few applications I am able to turn my neck again. I am so grateful to have found this product and think everyone should use it. It really has made a huge difference to the way I feel. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful mineral...
Sandy Gold Coast, Australia
I recently came across the Magnesium Life chloride Oil at the Gold Coast Craft Markets. I was very interested in this product and decided to buy some. I went home and spray it on after my nightly shower and was very surprised when my body tingled all over, as you told me if my uric acid levels were high this would occur. After experiencing the tingling release all over my body I felt the deepest sense of relaxation I have ever felt in my body. I could not believe how fast it works! I have now been using the product for well over a month and now maintain my magnesium levels every two or three days as it no longer tingles but I feel like a weight has been lifted off me and my energy levels are building up. Thank you for your knowledge, you have turned my life around!...
Elisa Gold Coast, Australia
I was booked into have a hip replacement but I have been using Magnesium Chloride Oil liberally all over my body and have been so relieved with the amount of flexibility and relief I have been getting that I decided to cancel my hip replacement. I am also using MSM powder daily with citric acid and feel that this has made an amazing difference. Thanks to Magnesium Oil my health is changing for the better...
Barbara Woolongong, Australia
Dear Sara, Many thanks for your most interesting talk to our group last month. It has been very remiss of me not to congratulate you earlier as I have had such positive feedback from those who attended. With our next meeting upon us this Friday I now remember that I said that I would contact you and ask you for the Chicken Soup Recipe that you mentioned is very beneficial for those living with IBS. if you can spare the time I would love to receive the recipe so that I can print a copy out for the members. I am also looking forward to feedback from those who have used the magnesium regularly and will keep you updated. Thank you...
Bronwyn Sonter Secretary - Tweed Coast CFS/ME/FMS Support Group Inc, Australia